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Holy Redeemer Parish - Roman Catholic Community

Jesus Dying on the Cross.The first of the stained glass windows at the Holy Redeemer Church. It was unveiled on November 22, 2009Holy Redeemer Parish Community lives the Way, the Truth and the Life by reaching out with the Good News to Welcome, to Serve and to Care.

Holy Redeemer Parish is a vibrant and caring Catholic Community in Kanata, Ontario. We started as a mission from St. Martin de Porres Parish in the late 1970s with Masses said at Roger St. Denis School in Katimavik and St. Martin de Porres School each Sunday. The Parish officially received its decree on June 25th 1981 from Archbishop Joseph Aurele Plourde by the grace of God and the Apostolic See of the Archbishop of Ottawa.

In the 1960 and 1970s the community of Kanata experienced rapid growth and a new subdivision, Glen Cairn, was build in the Kanata South. The lack of a Catholic Church in the Glen Cairn area led to the requirement to establish a new parish. In 1977, the Catholics of Kanata South were recognized formally as a Mission attached to St. Martin de Porres in Bell's Corners was established. The first action of this newly established group of the faithful in Kanata was to buy the land to build a Church.

In 1981, the then Archbishop of Ottawa, Aurele Plourde, raised this Mission to the status of a Parish. On September 20th 1984, during his visit to Ottawa, Saint John Paul II blessed the cornerstone for the church that the Catholics of Kanata South were working hard to complete. It was on Christmas Eve in 1985 that the founding pastor, Fr. Peter Schonenbach, celebrated the first Mass in Holy Redeemer Church, which the Archbishop consecrated early in the following year on January 6th.Holy Redeemer Church Corner Stone blessed by Pope John Paul II in 1984.

In addition to Msgr. Schonenbach who served as pastor for five years, Holy Redeemer has been guided by Fr. Corbin Eddy for five years, Fr. Frank Brewer for six years, Fr. Paul Shepherd for eleven years, Fr. Pierre Champoux for six years and Fr. James Raphel for one year. In August 2017 Fr. Paul Nwaeze was appointed pastor.  

Today, after two renovations, Holy Redeemer Church has seating for 635 with an extended capacity of up to 1000 at Christmas and Easter, and parking for 262 vehicles. The Parish ministers to 2,500 families with five Masses celebrated each weekend. The Parish boasts more than thirty ministries with over 300 individuals volunteering their time. This is a testimony to the faithfulness of the people of Holy Redeemer Parish.Holy Redeemer Church painting by Allison Fagan