Serve At Mass and In the Parish

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Altar Guild
The Altar Guild wash and press the linens used during masses.
For more information please phone: Lee Armstrong (613) 831-1075
Altar Servers
Altar Servers are children and youth, in grades 3 and above, who serve during all weekend Masses, as well as during special Celebrations and Liturgies. Servers are placed on "teams" of two to four servers and are scheduled anywhere from one to four times per month, depending on the numbers of servers available for each Mass time. Servers who are in high school are awarded volunteer hours for this ministry. Youth who have completed their First Communion are welcome to join us!
For more information please contact: Angie Balberde (613) 262-0259
Children's Liturgy
Liturgy of the Word for Children is a program at two of our Sunday morning masses, 9:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m., in which the Sunday scripture readings are proclaimed and explained on a level appropriate to children in grades JK and up from September to June. Any child in this age group may participate - no registration is necessary. The children gather with their leaders in the front of the altar after the Opening Prayer and are sent forth by the presider, returning to their families at the time of the Presentation of the Gifts. We are always in need of Adult Leaders to lead and Youth Leaders (grades 7 and up) to assist. This is a fantastic way to get volunteer hours too!
For more information please contact: Cathy Koss (613) 836-1764
In the spring of 2018, Father Paul issued a call for members of the Parish to form a committee that would supplement and enhance liturgical celebrations by providing an appropriate, visually appealing environment within the Church. An initial meeting was held with a number of parishioners attending. As a result, Holy Redeemer’s Decorating Committee was created. The purpose of the committee is to use our God-given gifts and talents to create a beautiful, worshipful environment without it being a distraction. We want to creatively glorify God and his Church under the guidance and approval of our pastor Father Paul. After the initial call for members, the committee is basically comprised of five dedicated individuals who work to provide a pleasing space for worshippers. We welcome and require additional support from other parishioners during major feasts such as Christmas and Holy Week.
For more information please contact: Angela Aube (613) 599-7765
Extra Ordinary Ministers of Communion
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion assist with giving out communion and the precious blood at all masses. There is always a need for new communion ministers to join our team.
For more information please contact: Michael Olsen (613) 270-0019 
The people who read the First and Second Readings at Mass are termed Lectors or Proclaimers. They proclaim the Word of God to the congregation - their role is a vital and privileged one! Two Lectors are teamed for each Mass. One welcomes the parishioners to the church before Mass begins and reads the Announcements (after Communion). The other Lector proclaims the First and Second Readings, and sometimes the Psalm. We heartily welcome more for any of the Masses!
For more information please contact: Josephene Kealey (613) 836-4252 
We believe that the music we sing, as an expression of our faith, is both a gift from and an offering to God. Our mission is to lead and encourage congregation to worship through participating in musical liturgy. We have music at our 5pm, 9:30am, 11am, and 7pm masses. Visit our Contact a Ministry page to see the contacts for each mass. 
Sacristans usually arrive about thirty minutes before Mass begins. He/she makes sure the priest has the required chalice, linens, oil (etc.)  for the altar during mass. Once Mass has ended, the sacristan washes the sacred vessels.
For more information please contact: Matthew Bisson (613) 769-1767
Ushers serve at all weekend and special occasion masses. This ministry provides on-going support for our Sunday Masses throughout the year. A schedule is produced and members ably fulfill their duties of welcoming and ushering people to their seats as well as taking up the weekly collection. We are always looking for new members.
For more information please contact: Samuel Bonti-Ankomah (613) 271-6303
The welcoming team ensures every person who walks through the door for mass is personally welcomed and connected to the parish. 
For more information please contact the office: (613) 836-1764