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The Parish Financial/Operational  Council assists the Pastor in the administration of  all material and financial matters as it relates to the good governance  of the parish.

Every year, and for the fiscal year ending December 2019, the parish has had an exceptionally good financial year in part because of your generosity.

This fiscal year our total revenues were as follows: $685,706 and our total expenditures were as follows: $637,092, thus leaving the parish with a healthy surplus of $48,614. This surplus is over and above the major roof repair to the church and the hall, the new roof for the link between the rectory and the office, repair to the dividing wall between the church and the hall, some electrical upgrades, line painting of the parking lot and some minor repairs.

As well, our mortgage was reduced to an outstanding balance of $ 51,445 as of December 31, 2019, a total reduction of $71,231 during the fiscal year of 2019.  It was our intention to pay off this mortgage by December 2020 but  the global pandemic that has shut down the entire global economy was not part of our budget process. Therefore, we will be extending our blue envelopes collection for another 4 months in the calendar year 2021.

All financial data are kept at the parish office and are  available for review by making arrangements with the parish office.

On behalf of Fr.Paul and Fr.Rick, the Parish Council and Financial/Operational Council we would like to thank you, the parishioners, of Holy Redeemer Parish for your undivided support and your generosity.


Chairperson    Art Lamarche      613-592-4820
Counsellor      Dan Carroll         613-862-3601
Counsellor      Pat Groulx          613-831-0400
Counsellor      Paul Jolicoeur     613-836-3168
Counsellor      Michael Olson     613-270-0019

Holy Redeemer Parish Financial Council Meeting Minutes: 

Minutes - September 30, 2020