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Renewable Energies - Avoiding Fossil Fuels

Burning fossil fuels throughout the world releases millions of tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the air causing global warming. Extraction of fossil fuel and its transportation are also producing GHG (greenhouse gas emissions) at a dangerous rate. Pipeline, train and truck spills are another serious concern.
Pope Francis in Laudato Si quotes scientific data to impress upon all people that we are pressed for time to reduce our harmful dependence on fossil fuel. We need to transition to renewable and clean energy.

1. Perfect for summer and autumn months: Walk and bike to your library, pharmacy and to church or to visit a friend! Bonus: get those muscles moving! Endorphins - happy side effects may result with such activity.
2. Mark your calendar: WALK OR BIKE to church Oct. 2-3 Mass
with your fellow parishioners and make it a new practice.
3. Reduce heat in your home or raise the air conditioning temperature, especially when you're away. Use fans.



“Taste and see the goodness of the Lord” Psalm 34.8
Deacon James’ next “Care for Creation” cycle outing is Sunday, September 26th. Meet him at 2 pm at the church for a return ride to Andrew Haydon Park.