Decorating Ministry

Decorating Ministry

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In the spring of 2018, Father Paul issued a call for members of the Parish to form a committee that would supplement and enhance liturgical celebrations by providing an appropriate, visually appealing environment within the Church. An initial meeting was held with a number of parishioners attending. As a result, Holy Redeemer’s Decorating Committee was created.

The purpose of the committee is to use our God-given gifts and talents to create a beautiful, worshipful environment without it being a distraction. We want to creatively glorify God and his Church under the guidance and approval of our pastor Father Paul.

After the initial call for members, the committee is basically comprised of five dedicated individuals who work to provide a pleasing space for worshippers. We welcome and require additional support from other parishioners during major feasts such as Christmas and Holy Week.

Many parishioners have provided positive feedback and appreciate the efforts to bring the liturgy to life within our Parish.

For more information please contact Angela Aube (613) 599-7765