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In 2018, Holy Redeemer Parish undertook the sponsorship of the Kalalas, a Roman Catholic family of adult siblings and their 6-year old niece from the Republic of Congo. Sponsorship includes financial as well as emotional and physical support for one year.  

Gladys, Olga, Anaclet, Gaston and Athanase are currently refugees in Bujumbura - Burundi living with no assistance and the barest of basic necessities. Originally, they were a family of 16 people caught in a civil war in the East part of Congo DRC. Only five of them made it to a relatively safe place in Bujumbura. 
  • Gladys is the youngest of this refugee family. She is 6 years old. Both her parents died as a result of injuries sustained during an attack on their village and at this time, she still does not know what happened to her younger sister.
  • Olga is 19 years old. She is Gladys’ dad’s sister. She mostly takes care of Gladys and hopes to get an education one day.
  • Anaclet is 25 years old. He is Olga’s brother and Gladys’ dad’s brother. 
  • Gaston is 27 years old. He is also Olga’s brother and Gladys’ dad’s brother
  • Athanase is 28 years old. He is another of Olga’s brother and Gladys’ dad’s brother.
Please keep them in your prayers as we wait for their arrival in Canada.

This past year in Canada, we have seen the arrival of many Afghani and Ukrainian refugees. Both groups arrived in Canada under special programs with the federal government that did not include church sponsorships.

While we were not directly involved with funding their arrivals, or supporting their first year in Canada, our committee has been busy assisting the Catholic Centre for Immigrants with the collection of clothing, household items, bicycles, and toys. We are happy to report the Kalala family from the Congo (Gladys, Olga, Anaclet, Gaston and Athanase) will travel to Tanzania for their Immigration interviews in June (this sponsorship was initiated in 2018). This means we may see some arrivals in 2022! Please pray for our refugees as they wait for determinations on their applications.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support the sponsorship of refugees.

For more information on our Refugee Ministry, please contact: Mary-Lou Hakansson (613) 592-3530 or Cathy Deogrades (613) 558-9889