Indigenous Peoples Committee

Holy Redeemer Catholic Church

Indigenous Peoples Committee Header Image
Holy Redeemer is committed to supporting our Indigenous sisters and brothers through actions and prayers as we are all inhabitants of this fragile Earth. Please take time to honour the innocent whose lives were tragically taken away at residential schools throughout Canada. 
We are happy to announce that an "Indigenous Peoples Committee" has been created at Holy Redeemer to encourage parish level reconciliation efforts aimed at establishing and maintaining respectful relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians.  
This includes: 
1) raising awareness of the ongoing impacts of colonization, including the Indian residential school system; 
2) acknowledging and atoning for the harm that has been inflicted; and, 
3) taking action towards changing behaviours.
Committee members include: Tony Ritchie, Mireille Church, Peter Atkinson, Edgar Acosta, Sandi Gauthier, Neil Maxwell and Father Paul. If you are interested in joining the Committee, please contact Tony Ritchie (613) 270-9587 or the Parish office: